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This page is for the past kittens or cats that have been placed with Pet Buyers.

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This is Lily (Black Tortie Shaded Silver)


Thank you so much for allowing me to bring Snow Lily into my home.  She is every bit the incredible, loving and wonderful cat that you told me she would be.  Everyone who meets her agrees that she is special.  She is confident, playful, very affectionate and just plain wonderful.  As I mentioned before, I appreciate your efforts to breed not only beautiful cats, but more importantly, carefully socialized, confident and loving animals.  Also, I thank you for your helpfulness and advice throughout the process from my first call to you through my meeting you in Portland.

Gladys - Houston, TX


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This is Winter (Black Shaded Silver)

Update- this boy is the best cat I have ever owned!!! I love him soooo much. Thank u.

Katie - Santee, California


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This is Shadow (Brown Shaded Silver) and Daisy (Black Shaded Silver)

Shadow really needed Daisy cuz Skipper is too old to play much - a little wrestling at Shadow’s instigation and Skipper’s tolerance most of the time. 
 A good example of what you say about cats needing another cat, and, in our case, closer in age. But Skipper is getting more playful now that Daisy and Shadow are having adventures around the house.
 Daisy is starting to look/act so much like Skipper - her fur is growing in thick and her tail is like his and that face! Her nickname is “Skipper girl.” Such a blessing to our family.
 Skipper stole my heart the first time I saw him and he has known all the cats, including the two we had when we got him.

This is Skipper, he is 18 years old as of April 9th and he is a Brown Shaded Silver.

Kathy & Rich - New Smyrna Beach, Florida


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This is Kirby and he is a Black Shaded Silver.

It is hard to believe that he is going to be a year old soon, times just flies by.  I’m a little partial but I think he is the most beautiful cat ever!! :-) And he is so photogenic! As always he is doing well and keeping us on our toes.  He has calmed down a lot in the last couple of months, getting past the kitten stage I guess.

From Sharon - Fairfield, Vermont


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It's been exactly seven days. I think our little one Clover (brown tipped silver) has been accepted by her brother Birch (Black shaded silver) and her sister Jasmine (cream euro-burm).  This has been the easiest introduction of a new kitten into an established household. They have both been in love with Clover since she came into our home.

From Peter - Cape Cod, Massacusetts


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Phoinix, Red Tipped Silver Burmilla

We are loving Phoinix and he has made our home and family full of love and snuggles!

From Ericka - Eugene, Oregon


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Brandi, Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla (left), The Stig, Brown Shaded Silver Burmilla (center), the Corgi (right)

Just wanted to let you know everyone is getting along beautifully.

From Barbara - Battleground, Washington


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Jack, Pesos (the kitten) and Ella

Courtney and her husband flew out to pick up their kitten and this is her post to me.

He "slept" with Ella.  But neither of them slept much.  We work her up when we got home and she played with him and he ate.  Then they slept for a bit and then she came in our bed for a few hours because he wanted to play.  LoL

From Courtney - West Palm Beach, Florida


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These are our three cats (all from Kim): Lovey (12 year old Cream Ticked Silver Asian), Skipper (13 year old Chocolate Ticked Silver Burmilla), and our new addition Shadow (11 week old Brown Shaded Silver Burmilla). The kitten has added a lot of life to our home. The older cats have adopted him as their son. They are all playing together with their new Super Roller Coaster toy (thanks for the idea Kim).

From Rich and Kathy - Las Vegas, Nevada


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I want to let you know that Flynn is settling in very well! He love the Wellness Kitten wet food & is eating next to Ryoji in this pic.  Sparkle is not particularly upset at his presence & Ryoji is starting to see his potential as a playmate. Flynn has really bonded with my husband, because he slept in the guest room with him the first 2 nights, to give the older cats some space to get use to him. It's done the trick! all 3 of them took naps in the sun together today and they're getting along so well that we're comfortable leaving them alone together--its been a quick adjustment! Flynn has a lovely temperament and you guys obviously did a fantastic job raising him.  Thanks for taking such good care of all of your cats and thanks for such a poitive adoption experience!

From Heather - Portland, Oregon


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This is Chandler (top, Ragdoll kitten) and Alfredo (Lilac Shaded Silver Burmilla)


"I appreciate the love and attention my kittens received.  They are extremely well adjusted and trusting, perfect pets."

From Nanci - Lake Oswego, Oregon


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This is Gabriel (Red Silver Ticked Tabby Asian, 10 years old) and Meri (Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla)


"We have bought three cats from Kim and would never get a cat anywhere else.  Her cats are the most loving, well tempered and friendly cats we have ever met.  They are amazing with children (patient, gentle and very tolerant). Thank you, Kim!"

From Aaron & Janet - Seattle, WA


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This is Pixie (was Ru Yi), she is a Black Shaded Silver.


Here is a photo of Pixie. She is the sweetest and most loving cat I've ever had.  She works with puzzles with me: she grabs a piece and then I get to chase her and the piece down. Whereupon she grabs another. Evidently great fun. And she has my tropical fish terrorized: that big white thing is clearly going to eat them.

From Kay - Whitehall, Montana


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This is Peter (was Shan Li) on the left and Rosie (was Mo Yu) on Right.  Both are Black Shaded Silvers.


Kittens are doing very well thank you.  By the way, here's a picture of them having fun with their new friend Amy (a dachshund).

From John - Beaverton, Oregon



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This is Seraphina (Black Shaded Silver Burmilla) and Spot (Black Tortie Smoke Asian, almost 9 years old)


As you can see for yourself, they are getting along quite well. They don't fight or yell at each other ever, but they have finally started to chase each other around the apartment.  Spot tried very hard to teach this game to Seraphina, to whom it apparently does not come naturally.  Spot is clearly a little jealous, but after my last 2 prima donna cats it seems downright friendly to me.  Seraphina is very deferential to Spot and never seems to contest her dominance, which is great for all three of us.  For her part, Spot does not lord it over Seraphina either, and sincerely prefers to "play nice" even when they both want the same thing (cf. attached picture).

Seraphina is finding me quite easy to train.  She has taught Spot how to demand play time from me.  She hasn't been interested in any of Spot's toys, but Spot was happy to adapt to our new fetch-the-paper-ball game.  She can't keep up with Seraphina in dead sprints across the room, but Spot understands how to put on a good show by flipping and flopping the toys in a corner.  She's always been smart (for a Burmese).

From Ben - Eugene, Oregon


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This is Gaia (Cream European Burmese, 10 years old) and Archie (Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla)


"He's doing beautifully! As you can tell Gaia is quite smitten!"
From Liane - Portland, Oregon

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This is Tessie (Black Tortie Smoke Asian, almost 10 years old)


"Tessie is sweet, talkative, bouncy & playful (even at the age of 9 years old), and cares about people and other kitties.  

She is our "nurse" and whenever anyone is sick (human or feline), she will stay by their side to comfort them.

She became family instantly and bestows love unconditionally. She also has the most wonderful purr that lulls us to sleep every night."

From Coco - Boston, Massacusetts

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This is Peetie, a Lilac Self


"Finally a spot where someone might appreciate my cute critters!"
From Melinda - Portland, Oregon


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This is Winnie, he is a Caramel Silver Ticked Tabby


"I am the master of my kingdom.  My brother is Peetie.  I love a tummy rub so get to it,  I'm obviously ready!"   
From Melinda - Portland, Oregon


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This is Willow, a Brown Golden Tabby.


"Willow, The Princess of the house."

From Colleen - Portland, Oregon


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This is Amarna, a Lilac European Burmese.


"Amarna, the Queen of the house."

From Richard - Portland, Oregon


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This is Squirrel, a Caramel Tortie Golden Ticked Tabby.


"A tiny diva with a silk coat  I love to jump up onto a shoulder and snuggle in your neck." 

From Fran - Rainer, Oregon


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This is Rainbow, a Brown Tortie Shaded Silver Burmilla


"Sister of Squirrel. I'm equally exceptionally nice and naughty.  I get into everything, even the car when we go to town, 
but I'm so adorable and soft and sweet that nobody ever gets mad at me!"
From Fran - Rainer, Oregon


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This photo has (from Left to Right), Smokey, a Lilac European Burmese; Ghost (dad to Pixie Dust, Meri and Buckbeak), a Chocolate Shaded Silver Burmilla; and Jack (son of Ghost), a Brown Smoke.


"All three boys are best buds."

From Philip - Portland, Oregon


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