My Burmillas

Burmillas are a Shaded Silver or Tipped Silver cat. (I have bred in the past the other Patterns which are called Asians.)


This is Bes Silver Nala (aka Nala), who is from Q x Yin Ye.  Her date of birth is November 25, 2018.  She is a Brown Shaded Silver.


This is Bes Lady Hawke (after the movie), she is a Brown Tipped Silver.  Her date of birth is May 30, 2017. 

This photo was taken on April 11, 2018.


This is Bes Silver Stardust (aka Star), who is from Q x Lotus.  Her date of birth is February 7, 2019.  She is a Black Shaded Silver.  She was spayed and will be kept with Kang Li.


This is the brother to Yin Ye.  This is Kang Li, which means bringing in the Power of Healthy.  He is a Brown Tipped Silver Burmilla.  He is now our pet and has been neutered.



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