My Burmillas

Burmillas are a Shaded Silver or Tipped Silver cat. (I have bred in the past the other Patterns which are called Asians.)

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This is Bes Lady Hawke (after the movie), she is a Brown Tipped Silver.  Her date of birth is May 30, 2017.


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This is my girl I kept from Yin Ye and Ira (male in California).  Her name is Bes Lien-Hua, which is Chinese for Lotus and the Monks think this is a Good Luck name.  She was born on July 17, 2016 and she is a Black Shaded Silver.


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His name is Qing-Quinton of Felis City, tho, his name will be "Q" for us, as in Star Trek "Q" from the Q-Continuim.  He is a Black Shaded Silver, born December 29, 2015.  These are 2 photos that were taken today (May 31, 2016), after he got back home from a 5 hour trip each way (to and from) the Vet, to get a International Health Certificate.  He is very calm and very sweet.  Thank you Asta Zukauskaite for letting me have him.


This is the current photo of Q.


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Here is Yin Ye, a Brown Tipped Silver Burmilla born on 10-Feb-2013.

Yin Ye, means Silver Leaf in Mandarin (Chinese)


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This is the brother to Yin Ye.  This one we are naming, Kang Li, which means bringing in the Power of Healthy.  He is a Brown Tipped Silver Burmilla.  He is now our pet and has been neutered.



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