Kitten Sales Info

(And Shot Information, below)

One thing to always keep in mind that all cats, need another cat or kitten for companionship.   I don't sell to buyers, if they only want 1 cat or kitten in their home.

I will not sell to someone who plans on Mutilating the kittens or cats by Declawing or Tenotomy (Clipping Tendons).

Pet Quality or Pet/Show Quality

What comes with each kitten at Pet price is always the 5-Generation Pedigree which I give out free with the kitten (CFA charges for 3 to 5 Generation Ped), Shots (see below), Kitten Information Sheet, Toxic Plant Sheet, Shot Records and the Business Card of mine.  I am combining the spaying or neutering and microchipping in the price of the Pet kittens.  If you are interested in a Pet/Show Quality kitten, I will try and pick you out one that I think will fit the Standard and that you can Show, but remember this your Pet first and if they don't want to show after the first couple of shows, then honor their wishes and keeps them home.  It doesn't help if neither you or they, are enjoying the Show.

I found a Vet who will do early Neuterings and Spayings after 8 weeks old, but I will probably do it around 10 or 11 weeks old.  Any kitten leaving my home will be neutered or spayed before going to their new home.  If the kittens are 4 months or older, then my Vet requires the Rabies Shots (I'm requesting Canary Rabies Vaccinations, which are safer), these fees are your responsibility.

When the kittens are born, I ask that the people who were interested in the litter of kittens to come over and take a look after a week old and at that time they could put a Deposit down which is usually half down at that time.  I usually ask them to sign a Sales Contract and a Deposit Agreement to send with the Deposit and neutering or spaying fee.  Online I send a copy of Sales Contract and Deposit Contract, and ask that the person fill out both and send them back to me with the Deposit.  I will finish filling them out and send one set back to to the person.

Later the people can come over to take a look at them and play with them, until they are ready to go home (Please, don't plan on coming over every week or every other day).   I usually ask that the people give me a call and make an Appointment time with me and to keep to that time, so that they have some time to spend with the kittens and that way I don't have a lot of people from all over in the apartment at the same time (in the past it makes it too confusing trying to talk to everyone at the same time and I don't like that).  Then when the kittens are ready to go, the people pay the other half of the money to pay off the kittens and take them home.  

For the buyers who live too far away to come and see the kittens, I can always take a picture of the kittens and show you through an e-mail attachment or on my website (under Kittens Currently Available page).  And if you are interested in a certain colour or sex of kitten, usually not both, then you can send me the Deposit (in a Money Order or Cashier's Cheque, no Personal Checks, made out to Kim Ghobrial).  

When the are kittens spayed or neutered I will let everyone know about the neuter and spay fees when we get closer to the Birthing Date, that way if my Vet changes his fees from now to then, I won't feel stupid.   Then 2 weeks before the kitten is to ship out, the last of the payment on the kitten, Shipping Fees, Carrier cost (unless you want to ship me an Airline Approved Carrier through UPS), Health Certificate will be due.  We can discuss the Airlines that you want me to ship with and Flight times, just before the last payment is due, so we both know how much you need to send me.

If you are unable to keep the kitten or cat and I will try and help you place the kitten or cat.  I am no longer taking kittens or cats back, into my home, due to possibility of them bringing in contaminants and causing health problems for my current cats or kittens.



Shipping Info

For the kittens that are being shipped, the kittens will stay here until they have been neutered or spayed and get all the Shots (see below), before they are flown out to their destination.  Airlines are now saying, that any kittens going as pairs, need to be under 6 months of age to stay in the same Carrier, any that are 6 months or older, need to be in 2 separate Carriers (dated 2-19-2019).  Any kittens that are being Shipped, the cost of Airplane Fees (starts around $220.00 on up to about $300.00), Airline kennels, Double Kennel cup and a Cat Bed of some sort, along with Health Certificate with Vet Fees (starts from $85.00 on up for Domestic Flights and $125.00 on International Flights, depending on 1 or 2 kittens being shipped) are the Responsibility of the Buyer.



Facts about Vaccinations

I have had problems with the Vaccinations over the years, that I've been giving them to my kittens.  A long time ago, I was able to get the Panleukopenia (Distemper) "Only" Vaccine and that was the first Vaccination for the kittens.  But the Company that use to make it, no longer makes the Panleukopenia any more, so I had to start using the 3-way Vaccines.   The major Vaccine that I have used (up to the recent past) is an "All" Killed Vaccine, by Fort Dodge called Fel-o-Vac PCT.  After having everything from Upper Respiratory (from the Rhinotrachetis, a Herpes Virus) and Calicivirus (Lesions on the tongue, a Herpes Virus) over the years, I decided to call the Vaccine Company and I talked to one of their Doctors, he told me that they know about the reactions that all the breeders have had with all of their Vaccines, but they were not going to change the Vaccines.

This is some more information about Shots:

"Think about it. Vaccines are developed by cultivating the virus in a warm moist environment. It is then altered to become killed or modified. To alter this state, a poison is introduced to the virus. The virus becomes modified live (sick) or dies. Then the substance is injected into a warm moist body. This is a perfect environment for the virus to recover, thrive or mutate into a worse virus. Don't forget that the body is also being injected with the poison used to kill or modify the virus.  There is much harm that can come from allopathic vaccinations. The list of my personal experiences are: convulsions..... lethargy.... cardiac arrest.... high fever.... shakes..... mutation of the vaccination virus to FIP.  I have read of blindness and hearing loss also." Rochelle

I found out from one Veterinarian who has researched the Calici Virus part of the Vaccines, that it really doesn't protect the kittens at all, in fact once the Vaccines go into the body, the Calici Virus mutates and causes a bad reaction to the kittens.  There are lots of different types of Calici Viruses and anyone of those could hit a cat or kitten and there is no protection available. 

Another Veterinarian told me that since the kittens have taken on the Mom's antibodys, the Shots that are given are rendered useless.  Kittens don't really start having a decent Immune System until they are somewhere between 6 months to 1 years old, that if you decide that you have to Vaccinate not to start doing it until they are at least 1 years old and then every 3 years after that.

I decided that I couldn't let my babies go through another batch of Shot Reactions, so I'm now doing the Homeopathic Nosodes (pellets).  Nosodes are the homeopathic equivalent to Vaccinations.  They are given orally to the pet at home in a series of three potencies (30c, 200c, 1M) as follows (1 dose is 3-6 pellets):

The remedies are most effective if administered into a clean mouth, but may be given in water if necessary.  Try not to touch the pellets with your fingers, as it contaminates the remedy that are on the pellets.

One of the benefits of oral "Vaccination" with Nosodes (apart from its safety and absence of side-effects), is that protection can be provided at an early age.

What Nosodes cover:

Feline Combination:

Upper Respiratory Virus (Rhinotracheitis)

Feline Panleukopenia (Distemper)

Feline Leukemia (FeLV)

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

What Nosodes are like is that it is similar to a Poisonous Snake and Anti-Venom, they take the Viruses and make Anti-Viruses from it.  It works better than shots in my opinion.



What I'm now doing and so far it is working.

What I've been doing and it seems to be working okay so far (knock on wood), is giving the Nosodes at 3 weeks old on, as described above.  I do give the 1M about every 6 months and I haven't had any problems at all.

You don't need to give Rabies or FIP or Leukemia Shots to your cats, as they don't go outside and they can give Fibrosarcomas (Injection Site Cancers) to your cats or kittens. 

Unfortunately, the Airlines do require the Rabies Shots for some States and if you are wanting a kitten to go to you and you are in a State which does require the Rabies, it must be given.  So far, I have been having my Vet give the Canary type of Rabies Shot.  The only reaction they get with the Canary type of Rabies is being a little quiet, there isn't any problems with Fibrosarcomas with it.


When buying from me, please make the Money Orders or Cashier's Cheques out to Kim Ghobrial and not Bes Cattery.  This isn't a Business, it is a Hobby.

My Phone is:  503-427-0354  I do have an answering machine and I will call you back, if you leave a message.

If you have any questions about this, let me know.

Email me at:

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