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These are extremely sweet, outgoing, people oriented cats.  They love to sleep with you, eat whatever you eat.  They are very intelligent and seem to understand what you are saying.  These are very, very Rare here in the States.

I do have occasionally, Retired and Young Adults for sale.  These are adults that have been or was going to be in my Breeding Program.  I don't ever give them away, as they still have value and a very long life span. Their prices are anywhere from 3/4 to 1/4 of the price of a kitten, depending on age and that covers the cost of Spaying or Neutering, Microchip and anything else I had to do, to prepare them for Sale, please do not ask me to go down on my price of cats or kittens.  And they are altered already or before they go to their new homes.  Most Adults that I retire are only 1 year old to about 3 years old and they can live up to 18 plus years.  Some of these cats can go together.

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PLEASE NOTE:   This is a Hobby and not a Business.  Make Money Orders or Cashier's Cheques out to Kim Ghobrial and not Bes Cattery.  No Personal Cheques.

I no longer take payments through Paypal, you need to pay the Fees they charge for this.  Please e-mail me if you are interested in paying Online (Zelle, through your Bank) and I'll give you details.

Thank you.

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As of this date, which is February 2, 2022, the cost of each kitten, will include spaying or neutering, Microchip and CFA Registered Blue Slip.  Please contact me for the prices.

If you are having the kittens shipped those costs are also your responsibility.

Currently as of this date of February 2, 2022 these are the costs of shipping a single kitten:

*Health Certificate/Vet Fees:  $155.00 for the first kitten

(I will have to check for 2 kittens going at the same time)

*Carrier/Bed/Double Kennel Cup:  $75.00

*If they need the Rabies Shot (if they are 12 weeks old or older):  $45.00 (price might have gone up with all the other updated pricing)

*Airlines Fees:  Prices are varying a lot different than what I was quoted for, so this will have to be when we are checking for prices and which Airlines are allowing for Live Animal being shipped.

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These photos don't do the kittens or cats justice, they are much prettier in person.

When I put (On Hold) it means, I've sent out Deposit Agreement & Sales Contract and I am waiting for both of those back and the Deposit.  As usual, I will only wait 1 week after sending out Contracts, before taking (On Hold) off and sell to the next person in line for that kitten.

When I put (Reserved) it means, I got the Deposit, Deposit Agreement & Sales Contract back.

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If there is any updates, Videos or Photos, if you don't see it on here, I have a Facebook Cattery page at:

And if you want to join the Burmilla Breeders and Lovers group on Facebook, it is at:


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It turns out, between the time I booked the flight on Alaska Airlines and this morning, they hiked up the price for shipping a kitten and for all animals (there was a dog which should have been around $400-500.00 to ship, but now they are paying over $1,000.00 to ship it).  I believe it is due to Delta and United and maybe other Airlines have decided to stop shipping animals for a bit of time.  They originally quoted me $276.25, this morning they told me $389.25.  I told them that they had quoted me the lesser price when I booked it and they cannot charge me more money for flying the kitten out and they need to talk to someone at the booking department and find out why there is a huge price discrepancy.  I think it has to do either a system error or someone at Corporate decided to capitalize on that no one else is shipping live animals.

So, I guess if they keep those prices up, like that, my Pet buyers will have to fly out to pick up their kittens or pay that higher price from now one.


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We are still waiting for Vi-King to produce a litter of kittens.  So far, nothing.  As soon as I know for sure I will be posting on here.

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If you are interested, please email me below.

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My phone number is:   503-427-0354 (Portland, Oregon, USA)

I do have an answering machine and I will call you back, if you leave a message.  If my phone line is busy, please keep trying, I am either on the phone or on the computer.

Email me at:

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