Retired & Young Adults

I do, now, take payments through Paypal, with a Credit Card.  Please e-mail me if you are interested in a cat or a kitten and I'll give you details.

I do have occasionally, Retired and Young Adults for sale.  These are adults that have been or was going to be in my Breeding Program.  I don't ever give them away, as they still have value and a very long life span.  And they are altered already or before they go to their new homes.  Most Adults that I retire are only 1 year old to about 3 years old and they live for 14 to 18 plus years.  Some of these cats can go together.

If you cannot pay the fee for these cats or kittens, then you are not able to afford their keep (Food, Vet, Medications, etc. anything that might come up).

Please call on any of these or write to me.

From now on, when people can't pick up the kittens or cats when scheduled with me, I will be charging a daily fee, until the kittens or cats are picked up.

Sorry to be this way, but I just had a very bad experience.


This is Yin Ye (Bes Yin Ye, Brown Shaded Silver), date of birth:  February 10, 2013 and Q (Felis City Qing-Quinton, Black Shaded Silver), date of birth:  December 29, 2015

They can be placed together or Yin Ye could go with her Orange band girl over on the kitten page.

Yin Ye loves to eat and she tends to show up when you go into the kitchen.  Both are starting to look for kisses and pets from us, so since they've been spayed and neuter they have started coming out of their shells.




My Phone number is: 503-427-0354

Email me at:

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