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Welcome to my Web Site!

Please check out my Current  Burmilla litter on Kittens Currently Available page and my Retired Adults too.  All are Registered in CFA.

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Navigational Buttons are at the bottom of each page and each page has a Pink e-mail cat botton to e-mail me from.

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Just a fyi (for your information), Burmillas are great kitties, but if you are not home all the time, they need a buddy or they get lonesome.

If you are a stay at home business, Mom or Dad, then 1 Burmilla is okay, but if you go on trips or out for hours during the day or night, then you need to have another pet for these guys to snuggle or play with, when you are not there.

Also, if you are an older adult and do not want to deal with kittens level of activity and always getting into things, you might think about a Retired or Young Adult cat for a companion.  They are just as sweet as the kittens, but not as active.

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*** Important Notice***

My Cats (from Bes Cattery) are a Hobby and not a Business, Make Money Orders or Cashier's Cheques out to Kim Ghobrial and not Bes Cattery.  No Personal Cheques. (This was on my Kittens and Cats Currently Available page.) 

I no longer accept Paypal, as they have been taking out money from my checking account without my okay.  I will be using Zelle, which my Credit Union uses and most Banks use too.

Thank you.

I have DNA Tested my cats for PKD (when it first came out, back in 2006) and Hypo-Kalemia.  I will not Breed from Affected cats (that means cats which have tested Positive, or has 2 genes).


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Bes Cattery is owned by Kim & Phillip Ghobrial of Beaverton, Oregon (close to Portland).  We have been breeding cats since 1983.  We got into breeding cats with the idea "To Better the Breed".  We have always strived for clean Health, Personality, and Longevity, with Show quality as a bonus when we get them.  We won't compromise the Breed to get a fast win.  We believe that outcrossing is the way to go in keeping the Breed alive.

We use to breed Abyssinians (both Normals and Silvers), Somalis, Egyptian Maus, Mainecoons (for a very, very short time) and European Burmese.

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I was asked, what is the difference between the European Burmese and the Burmilla.  I've had time to think about it.  I believe, that the mixture between the European Burmese and the Chinchilla (which made the Burmilla), brought out the beauty of the Chinchilla in the coat and the eyes and brought out the sweet disposition which the earlier European Burmese had.  They are very beautiful, sweet, clumsy and very loyal to their humans.  If you are looking for a companion cat, these are what you want.

I breed the Burmillas and occasionally Burmilla Longhairs (also known as Tipped and Shaded Tiffanies in some Organizations).   Since we breed the Burmillas and have the earlier Generations which we work with, we occasionally will have other Patterns which pop up in the litters, such as Selfs (Solids), Smokes and Silver Tabbys (Spotted, Classic, Mackeral and Ticked).

This photo is of Kincsem's Krystal Lace, a Brown Tortie Shaded Silver Burmilla, 3rd Gen. and daughter of Aidan (left) and Hindmarsh Silva Aidan of Bes, a Black Shaded Silver Burmilla, 2nd Gen.(right).

This next photo was sent to me by Laura Boshoven Scholten

Photo by Imre van Eijl

This is Horizon's Romulus of Bes, a Chocolate Tipped Silver Burmilla

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I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and it is always clean and I have all my adult cats and kittens that I keep, tested Negative for Leukemia and the Aids Virus.  I do keep my number of cats or kittens always down, because I want to give everyone enough love and attention that they need to make them happy.

My Phone is:  503-427-0354

I do have an answering machine and I will call you back, if you leave a message.  If I'm on the phone, I had turned off the Answering part of Comcast services, so you might get a mechanical Voice saying that the phone number you just called is no longer in service, which isn't so, just call me back please.

I do ship any where in the United States and Internationally.

After you take a tour of my pages, if you have any other questions you can e-mail me.

Email me at:


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These are my cats, that I'm keeping for my breeding program.  There are new photo just taken today.


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This page has pictures of Burmillas both Shorthair and Longhair (also known as Tiffanies), along with some Breed History.  Also, I have some photos of my cats and kittens that I've had in the past on here.


pawicon5.gif (1237 bytes) Kitten Sales Info updated-an.gif (1754 bytes) 12-January-2023

This page has information for kittens that are bought as Pets or Pet/Show Quality. 

It has approx. prices on the Airline fees and Health Certificate fees.

Also, I have information about Shots and why I won't give my kittens shots, with exception to the Rabies Shots, due to shipping to some States which require it.   I have been doing Homeopathic Nosodes from 3 weeks old on and they work.


pawicon1.gif (1275 bytes) Pet Buyers Page  12-January-2023

This page is for photos of all the cats or kittens that Pet Buyers have bought from me.  Kind of like showing off their kitties.


pawicon6.gif (1261 bytes) Kittens & Cats Currently Available astar.gif (1388 bytes)  updated-an.gif (1754 bytes) 12-January-2023

I have decided to combine both my Kittens and Retired/Young Adults on this page.  Also, I will only put the kittens and cats who are still available on here, all kittens or cats that are sold, will be taken off.  I will still send photos to the Pet buyers on a weekly basis.

I'm still waiting on Vi-King to produce his first litter of kittens.  He has bred 2 of my girls and so far, nothing.


pawicon10.gif (1201 bytes) Jewelry  12-January-2023

I have a Sterling Silver Abyssinian Pendant by Precious Pets for Sale.

Also, there is a hyperlink to my Etsy Shop called, Kim's Gem Creations.


pawicon5.gif (1237 bytes) Poems  12-January-2023

1st is:  "I love my kitty"  - I cry every time I read this.  This a must read.

2nd is:  "I am your cat" - This is a very beautiful and poignant piece.  Stop by and read it.


Proud to be Cat Kingpin Certified

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